Yesterday I got stuck with an application which had been required to show frequently updated data in a grid. Standard WinForm's DataGridView turned out to be too slow whatever approaches I tried.

Finally SourceGrid's DataGrid did the trick. This library implements three types of grids:

  • Grid - an unbound grid for small datasets;
  • DataGrid - control which can be binded to a DataTable;
  • ArrayGrid - ultra-fast grid backed with an Array.

So after a day spent on testing the library and developing with it, my application is ready. The customer applauds. And I am looking forward to use these controls in my future development.

Did you know that you can easily add controls to the Visual Stuido's toolbox? The algorithm is following:

  1. Start Visual Studio.
  2. Open toolbox.
  3. Open Windows Explorer and find the assembly which contains controls you want to add.
  4. Drag the assembly to VS toolbox.
  5. Enjoy coding with your newly added controls. :)

Drag'n'roll, baby!

Pinal Dave posted a great compilation of MS SQL questions frequently asked during job interviews. This is a must-have reading if you develop using Microsoft's RDBMS.

Link to the PDF -

Good luck with the next interview! ;-)

Never Trust Path.Combine()

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After spending half an hour trying to find out why path to an input file is built incorrectly, I realized that Path.Combine simply doesn't work as expected. Eventually I ended up writing my own code to the same stuff like in old good C++ times. :)